Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lightning Jobber

Look what I am about to bring home: a  Lightning Jobber! A nice, compact standing press, probably circa 1896-1903, Palmyra NY.. This press will give me a much better result (impression and accuracy) than my wee table top model. And it can give me 1,000/hr using the motor. I think I'll go a bit more slowly at first so as not to lose a finger or two!

An older man in one of the Ottawa suburbs ran a little part time printing business out of his basement for years. He's a very serious wine maker and a wine judge as well - no more time for printing! He gave us a sample of his sherry - DELICIOUS.

I take delivery on June 4th. I'm not so sure it will go down the twisty stairs to my basement so it may end up in a corner of my living room. Could be quite the conversation piece!

The Lightning Jobber.

"Hmm... so just how DO we get it our of here?"

"Now, let's have a glass of sherry to celebrate!"

~ Gina

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


My friend Lisa Kates is an amazing chef and is launching a SOUP! business. Homemade vegetarian soup in mason jars, delivered in the Toronto area. I did a postcard and a stamp for here. Here is the postcard and the artwork for the stamp.

SOUP! :^)

~ Gina

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hello Spring!

Hello Spring! And all the changes that come with it. It's been an interesting time lately. Heart surgery for my father and loss of my full time job all within a couple of weeks. The good news is my father is on the mend and I have had the time to be with him. Now I am on the lookout for work.

A couple of fun projects have come up. Here is an illustration I did for a woman I worked with years ago. She wanted one of my illustrations for the invitations for her 25th wedding anniversary celebration. A tandem bike. I coloured it red and she changed to to green to match her envelopes. Looks smashing, I think. Congratulations Brigitte & Frank!

~ Gina