Saturday, October 1, 2011

An action-packed month!

It's been an action-packed month. The first three weeks were the O.S.E.B. seminars. A wealth of information and some terrific people. We have a few workshops/meetings in the next month but otherwise we have been shoved out of the nest to get going on our businesses.

I helped a few people out with their business cards and in the process ended up re-working my own. I decided to run with the marin(e) theme and something a little more personal and friendly rather than corporate. Now I need to get them properly printed in letterpress! 

Speaking of which, my larger press is still in the throws of repair. My gear is back from Capital Printing Services. Looks lovely with it's new "gold tooth", doesn't it?

My rollers were refurbished and unfortunately the"truck" (the large, washer-like piece that goes on to the end of the roller shaft) I sent with them has gone missing.  This has led me to decided to get new sets for both rollers.

Two trucks:

Truck on roller:

When I went to pick the gear up THIS was in the entrance of the building at Capital Print!! The previous owner had restored it. It's like a little sister to my Lightning Jobber. And... behind it is a Kelsy Excelsior, similar to my little one. I told the guy I wanted dibs on the larger one - now I need to put a little more effort into looking for a studio. I wold love to give lessons and have a place where people can rent press time.

Thanks for stopping by!