Saturday, September 3, 2011

Labour Day Weekend

Fall is just around the corner. It's my favourite season, the crisp mornings, cool evenings, the smell of woodsmoke, the changing leaves.

It's been a GREAT summer: equal parts work, play and sleep. Now a little more work (and a little less play?) will be required. I'll miss staying up late most nights, not having to wake to an alarm, and Thursday Blues at Irene's Pub. Well... I will still go to the pub, I just won't stay as late. The dart league I joined last year should be starting up soon as well. It was a lot of fun (Navy boys + cheap beer!) and I'm looking forward to it.

Getting ready to start the O.S.E.B. program feels very much like going back to school. It will be nice to be downtown and to meet some new people. As much as I like working from home, the isolation of it is starting to get to me lately.

This weekend I am hiding out in the A/C and getting my workspace and studio organized. I picked up two storage units at IKEA to make a workstation where I can stand to use my computer. I know, it probably doesn't sound comfortable but once I am used to it I prefer it to sitting. See this post called: Sitting is Killing You. I believe it...

Here's what my new set-up looks like. Perfect height and LOTS of storage. Looks small in the photo but the desk top is an interior, hollow-core door (30"x80") and is 42" high.

Now I need to go down to the basement and organize my printing area. Think I will have a "cold one" first though. I've earned it!