Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lightning Jobber

Look what I am about to bring home: a  Lightning Jobber! A nice, compact standing press, probably circa 1896-1903, Palmyra NY.. This press will give me a much better result (impression and accuracy) than my wee table top model. And it can give me 1,000/hr using the motor. I think I'll go a bit more slowly at first so as not to lose a finger or two!

An older man in one of the Ottawa suburbs ran a little part time printing business out of his basement for years. He's a very serious wine maker and a wine judge as well - no more time for printing! He gave us a sample of his sherry - DELICIOUS.

I take delivery on June 4th. I'm not so sure it will go down the twisty stairs to my basement so it may end up in a corner of my living room. Could be quite the conversation piece!

The Lightning Jobber.

"Hmm... so just how DO we get it our of here?"

"Now, let's have a glass of sherry to celebrate!"

~ Gina

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  1. Awesome Gina! You should have grabbed some sherry for moi! :)