Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Let it snow...

Finally, COLOUR!! It's so fun to now try something other than the black I've been using for the last few months. It's also good to get some holiday cards done. And appropriate that I picked the snowflake illustration first. Yes, ok, the snow... all my fault. 

Here is the blue - mixed from ultramarine and translucent white - on press and ready to go. I'm learning a lot about what works on my particular press and that would be line art rather than bigger solid areas. It's hard to get even coverage and to maintain it. My press is always shifting and loosening as I crank the prints out. I need to find a way to minimize that so have less wasted copies. 

And the finished, two colour card. While I had it on press and inked I thought I would try it out on gift tags and it worked well! I'm looking for tags in recycled brown paper rather than manila to better match the envelopes. And coordinating ribbon...

Hope everyone is snug and warm on this snowy day.


  1. These are so pretty and delicate... just like snow flakes. Where can I purchase them!

  2. that's what i was going to ask. do you sell your cards?

  3. One of the photos showed what appeared to be a series of cards on one large piece of paper. How large a page can The Kelsey Excelsior print?

  4. The actual print area is about 4"x6". The page can be moved and another pass made to accommodate a larger design.